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  1. Top 5 Spring Cleaning Essentials

    Top 5 Spring Cleaning Essentials

    Through winter, it’s easy to ignore the build-up of clutter (especially after Christmas) and delay giving your house that essential tidy. However, the sun is shining again, and spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to give your home a good spring clean!

    If you dread this annual clean, we’ve got you covered. There are so many items out there that are designed to make your spring clean just that bit easier. We’ve put together this list of our favourite spring-cleaning products to help you breeze through your seasonal sort out.

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  2. Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mum, Step-mum, God Mum – Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate every mum in your life. This year the special day lands on Sunday 27th March 2022 so don’t forget to mark that date in your calendars. Not sure what to buy? We’ve put together this list of our top 5 gift ideas for all the mums you may know!

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  3. How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

    How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

    After months of being cooped up indoors, it’s time to get back outside and in our gardens again. It can be hard to know where to start when spring comes around, or sometimes we want to just dive straight in and do everything at once. However, planning is key! That’s why we’ve prepared this handy guide to help you prepare your garden for spring.

    Tidy up

    Before we can do anything in our gardens, we need to have a good tidy up. They don’t call it spring cleaning for no reason! We’ve spent months cooped up inside so let’s get back out there and see what we have to work with.

    First of all, clear up any debris. This could be leaves, dead and broken branches, toppled plant pots or even litter that has blow into your garden. Removing this can give you a better idea of what state your garden is.

    Check your garden paths, lawn edging and borders. Trim back anything that’s overgrown so your boundaries are established again. This simple step could completely transform you

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