5 Herbs to Plant in Spring

If you’re itching to get back in the garden after a long winter, a great place to start is with herbs! They’re easy to plant and don’t take too much effort so you can minimise your time out in the cold and still have something bright and green to look at from your window. What’s more, they’re also a practical addition to the garden! They don’t just look nice, they’re useful to have for any meal you might be cooking in the kitchen.


Refreshing and tasty, mint is an excellent herb to plant in your garden this spring. It’s wonderfully versatile garnish for salads and drinks so you’re sure to find a use for it. Mint can be vigorous so grow it in a bottomless bucket to prevent it from taking over you herb garden. All it needs to grow is a patch in the sun and moist fertile soil. Try adding a handful of leaves to hot water for homemade herbal mint tea!


Basil is an essential herb for your garden as it is a key ingredient for many recipes. Most tomato-based sauces, summer salads and Mediterranean or Italian dishes have basil as an ingredient. Instead of purchasing basil every week, why not grow it in your garden. You can access it for free any time you need!

Basil is a tender herb that requires warmth and light to grow. Plant it in fertile soil in the sunniest spot of your garden. During winter you will need to bring it indoors to protect it so it may be best to plant it in a pot you can move.


Another popular herb, Parsley will make a great addition to your herb garden. Spring is the perfect time to sew your parsley seeds as it will have more time to spend in the warm sun! Parsley goes great with salads, stews, and pasta. You can even use it to make your own pesto!


Although Dill is short lived, it’s also hardy and it can be grown with relative ease in spring. When the warm weather finally arrives, we tend to eat lighter meals due to the heat. Dishes with fish become more popular and dill is the perfect accompaniment. They’re also great with potatoes and soup too!

Plant dill in moist soil with some shade and plenty of warmth. Providing shade can make this herb last longer so you can enjoy its unique flavour through more of the season!


Another classic but essential herb to have is rosemary. It grows into shrubbery that produces colourful flowers. That means it isn’t just practical, it will look great in your garden. Their fragrant needles pair excellently with lamb and chicken, and it’s used to flavour roast potatoes and stuffing. Perfect for a Sunday lunch!

This hardy herb grows best in drained soil and sunshine. It’s tolerant to most weather conditions and pest resistant too!