Staying Warm in Winter

Staying Warm in Winter

Making sure you avoid the chill in winter has proven difficult in recent years, but we’re here to help you cut back on heating costs with clever ways to keep warm!

Warming Packs

We have a selection of handy warmer packs that you can stick on and they’ll keep you toasty without being restrictive like a coat or blanket may be.

Thermal Door Curtain

This stylish solution to keeping the warmth in for longer will add form and function to your living space. The Thermal Door Curtain is self-lined with a dense thermal lining and helps to prevent heat loss and reduce unwanted draughts in winter, increasing your energy efficiency and helping you to save money. 

Unique hot water bottles

Hot water bottles can be more than just your standard rectangular bottle that’s hard to handle and only works effectively on your stomach or lap.


This water bottle is shaped to wrap gently around your neck providing warmth and comfort while also supporting your neck, making it perfect for long cold journeys too.


How about a water bottle specifically designed for your feet? It soothes tired and achy feet, relieving during chilly nights or after a long day. With its soft, plush cover and rapid heating capability, this innovative solution offers instant relaxation and comforting bliss.

Below Zero Silver Blanket

Do you just want to relax on your sofa or chair? Try our Below Zero Silver Blanket, lined with fleece and lightweight; this will keep you warm without being too cumbersome so you can find the perfect comfortable position.