Summer Garden Essentials

After a dreary spring, it looks like summer is finally here! It’s the perfect time to start enjoying your time outdoors. Whether you want to enjoy tea and cake on the patio or meticulously manicure your lawn, we have something for you! Here’s our curated list of our favourite garden items for you to make the most of this summer.

Solar Lights

Make the most of the longer days and glorious weather with solar lights. They perfectly combine style with functionality, adding to your outdoor aesthetics while providing light in the evening. Using solar technology, these lights absorb energy from the sun during the day and generate their own power when the sun goes down.

Solar lights are perfect for creating more atmospheric lighting at dusk and illuminating your outdoor spaces throughout the evening, so you can show off your garden all night long!



Ornaments and planters are the greatest way to bring some character to your garden. They can showcase your interests, whether that’s a love for all things magical to animals or cars! 

For an adorable addition to your lawn, our Duck Family Solar Water Fountain is the one to go for. If you love magic and mystery, why not look at our Fairy Leaf Solar Water Fountain. They’ll provide the relaxing sound of running water for a tranquil atmosphere.

Alternatively, planters give your greenery a place to flourish while also bringing some personality to your garden. For some rural character in your garden, our Tractor Planter is a cute spot to put your favourite plant. If you’re limited for space, a hanging planter can be placed on your fence to save room on your lawn.


Plant Care

Of course, a list of garden essentials wouldn’t be complete without plant care! Warm weather can bring a host of problems to your garden. You may start to see your garden dry up and wither so it’s important to keep your greenery well fed and hydrated all summer long. You will also notice an increase in flies, bugs, fungus, or other insects. It’s essential to keep these at bay or you may notice your plants have been chomped through! Whether you need lawn feed, pest control, or flower/plant feed – we have what you need to keep your greenery flourishing.

Garden Tools

Keep everything you need for garden care at your fingertips with our great range of garden tools. Our range of cushion grip handle tools will help you with all your gardening needs while maintaining your comfort while you work - don’t forget to keep your garden gloves handy too so you stay protected from sharp branches and thorns!

Our folding hobby seat is also great when you’re spending a long time pruning and trimming. This folding seat is a handy little item that can be easily moved and prevents you from putting too much pressure on your knees.

Outdoor Dining and Activities

Why spend all this time pruning, tidying and maintaining the perfect garden if you don’t get to spend some time relaxing in it? Whether you want to dine outdoors, relax on your lawn with a book, or enjoy a messier hobby, your garden provides the perfect space for your summer activities. 


If you’re looking to get crafty this summer, our Paint Your Own Plant Pot Kit will be great activity with family or friends. Look to give some furniture a makeover? We have a range of Chalky Furniture Paint so you can give your décor a refresh.