1. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect time of year to celebrate your special relationship. Do you prefer going out and painting the town red or staying in for a romantic evening? However you celebrate, Valentine’s Day is the day to show your appreciation for your loved ones. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces that we think would be excellent gifts to share with those you’re closest to!


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  2. Top Picks for Winter

    Top Picks for Winter

    We've put together a list of our favourites for this winter! Why not take a look?

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  3. Winter Garden Tips

    Winter Garden Tips

    With cold weather and fallen leaves, we’re ushering in the new season. If you’re wondering what else you might need to do in your garden, we’ve put together a list of things you can do before it gets too cold.

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  4. Dress to Stay Warm This Winter

    Dress to Stay Warm This Winter

    Starting to find it a bit chilly? We've got you covered this winter. Follow these tips are stay warm all the way through these cold months.

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  5. Spooky Halloween Colouring Sheets!

    Spooky Halloween Colouring Sheets!

    Looking for a fun activity this half term? Bring out your pens and pencils and complete one of our spooky Halloween colouring sheets!

    Simply click on the image below and print your sheet out.

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  6. Queen Elizabeth II Funeral

    Queen Elizabeth II Funeral

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  7. Autumn Knitwear Favourites

    Autumn Knitwear Favourites

    With the colder months approaching quickly, it’s essential that you have clothes to keep you warm. Knitwear is the perfect seasonal piece that combines warmth, comfort and style. They’re perfect for layering – as essential part of your autumn and winter outfits. Throw them on top of a t-shirt for a warm everyday ensemble or dress them up with a collared shirt underneath. With the right piece of knitwear, you’ll be set for autumn and winter.

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  8. September Accessories Top Picks

    September Accessories Top Picks

    An outfit just isn’t complete without accessories, and the right accessories can completely transform your look. With so much to choose from, we’ve put this list together of our favourites for September. What will be your new finishing touch?

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  9. What needs doing in the garden in September?

    What to do in you garden this September

    Summer is coming to an end and the UK is heading for autumn. After this summer’s intense heatwaves, our gardens may be looking a bit worse for wear. That’s okay, now we can start to prune away the parts that didn’t make it and set our garden up to come back stronger next year.

    While the weather is still mild – and not too cold and wet! – we can begin preparing our gardens for winter. So, what should you be doing in the garden in September?

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  10. Tips For Staying Cool In Hot Weather

    Tips For Staying Cool In Hot Weather

    The Met Office has declared Red and Amber Warnings for hot weather across the UK next week, with temperatures set to soar into the high 30s. While some people may be taking this opportunity to bask in the sunshine, many of us will be worrying about how to keep cool the heat rises. If you have to stay indoors for whatever reason, here are some tips on how to stay cool in hot weather.

    1. Keep your curtains closed

    When the sun comes out and your home starts getting hot, your first instinct may be to open all your windows and curtains. While there is good sense to this, the best thing your can do is open your windows but keep your curtains and blinds closed – or half closed. That way you can keep fresh air circulating into your house while keeping some of the most intense heat at bay!

    This is why a lot of cities in hot countries have shutters on their windows. They can keep fresh air circulating while also pointing the slats in a way that deflects direct sunlight. T

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