Get Cosy For Winter

Now Autumn has arrived the cold weather is setting in and dark evenings are on their way. This is the perfect excuse to get snug and cosy indoors. There are a few things you can buy to help keep you warm.


Layering up is a great way to keep warm, investing in quality thermal clothing and under layers will help keep in your body heat. The classic winter essential is a thick knitted jumper or cardigan there are a variety of styles and colours available to create the style you prefer.

Another perfect way to get cosy is to snuggle up in warm pyjamas and fleecy bed socks, this is an ideal outfit for putting on a great film or your favourite show and making yourself a hot drink.

A long or thick winter coat is essential for when you are brave enough to venture out into the cold. Paired with gloves, hat and scarf this should help keep you snug. Don’t forget a waterproof coat and shoes for those wetter days.



There are also plenty of items to purchase for around your home to help prepare for the cold. Draft excluders and throws are ideal for winter. If you spend more time in one room than any other in your home, it may be good to invest in a small heater that will keep your room nice and warm, this will allow you to reduce the heat of the other rooms to save on heating.


Changing your bed sheets and covers to a warmer material such as cotton, flannel, fleece or velvet will help to keep you warmer at night. Hot water bottles are also excellent for providing heat in bed or around the home.


Food & Drink

Foods like jacket potatoes, soup and hot dogs are easy and cheap meals that will help to warm you up. Investing in microwave proof containers will help make preparing hot food quicker. Drinks like Bovril or hot chocolate are perfect for warming you up.


We hope this blog has given you some inspiration for keeping warm this winter. Making small changes can make a big difference.


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