A Guide to Efficient Cleaning

A Guide to Efficient Cleaning

We all know how daunting it can be when it comes to cleaning your living space, what with all the different tasks that need doing and wondering if you have time!

We’ll help you get the job done most efficiently with these tips and techniques!

1: Make a plan!

A common mistake people make when starting to clean up is doing so without a plan. So, before you get scrubbing… get planning.

Take a waddle around the house and note what needs doing in each room and if any tasks need doing in all the rooms (like dusting for example).

This step can keep you on track and stop you from getting distracted. It’s helpful to keep a pocket-sized notepad with you rather than a phone to check your progress as a phone is full of distractions that will take up your precious time.

Our Neon Notebooks (SKU: 26564) are perfect for this step!

2: Clean the whole house, not just one room at a time…

When you make your plan; think about what jobs need doing in multiple rooms and do them first, this way you’re getting jobs done rather than rooms.

When you prioritise jobs you avoid having the feeling of ‘starting again’ when you move on to another room. This allows you to keep a constant flow since you're not constantly swapping jobs all the time making your cleaning journey smoother and faster.


3: Clean from top to bottom!

It’s a simple but effective step!

When you clean from top to bottom you avoid knocking dirt and dust onto previously cleaned surfaces, effectively undoing the wonderful dusting you just did with our wipes and telescopic duster> (SKU: 26223)

4: Keep your pathway clear

Ideally, you should have nothing obstructing your path to cleanliness. This means moving anything that’s cluttering the area before doing jobs such as vacuuming or mopping.

You could even make this one of your first steps in your plan, so you know that when you get to a room, you can just zip about cleaning knowing you won’t be bumping into any unexpected objects.

We suggest having storage boxes to keep smaller items in while you clean so they’re out of the way. 



5: Take breaks!

We know the urge to be a super-cleaning master is hard to resist, but it’s really important to take short breaks between jobs so you don’t get worn out halfway through! 

And for when you’re on those many short jobs we suggest you set a regular timer of around 15-20 mins to remind you to take that sip of water you made 5 jobs ago and check your progress for about 5 mins before you crack on!

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Finally, Automated jobs…

What do we mean by this?

This refers to jobs such as washing your clothes or starting a dishwasher (if you have one). Setting these to go earlier into your cleaning quest, you can start your other jobs while the machines do their thing!