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  1. World AIDS Day: How You Can Help

    World AIDS Day: How You Can Help

    1st December 2021 is World Aids Day: a day for people to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support to those living with the illness, and to remember those who have passed away from an AIDS related illness. HIV/AIDS is an illness that effects millions of people globally, as well as hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. Despite the virus only being identified in 1984, it has been responsible for the deaths of over 35 million people, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

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  2. Gift Ideas for Pets

    Gift Ideas for Pets

    As much as the holiday season is for family and friends, it’s also for your little furry companions too! Show them some love and express your appreciation towards them with a little present this Christmas. Even though they might not know what is going on, they’ll appreciate getting to join in the fun this Christmas!

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  3. How to Stay Healthy in Winter

    How to Stay Healthy in Winter

    As the weather gets colder and damper, it gets harder to stay on top of your health and healthy habits. A day that may have been started with a morning walk may now be replaced in favour of an extra hour in bed before facing the horrible British winter. However, there are some ways you can stay on top form, so you can enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about a cold!

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  4. Caring for Your Car in Winter

    Caring for Your Car in Winter

    For most people, driving your car is a daily routine. You drive to and from work, you drive to the shops, you drive to see your friends or family. As the weather gets worse, it’s important to make sure your car is as safe as it can be. Make sure to do these checks on your vehicle regularly throughout the winter, so that you have full peace of mind while driving!


    Car Checks

    • Keep the lights, windows, and mirrors free from ice and snow – make sure there is always de-icer in your car!
    • Make sure your wipers and lights are in good working order. If you’re not sure, you can take your car to a garage or vehicle shop, like Halfords, and get them to check your car over.
    • Add anti-freeze to your radiator and de-icer to your windscreen wash.
    • Check the tread depth and tyre pressure of your tyres. This is incredibly important, as if it is below the government requirement, you can receive a hefty fine, as well as put y
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