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  1. Transitional Dressing Top Picks

    Transitional Dressing Top Picks

    There’s nothing quite as British as unpredictable weather. You can leave your house with the sun shining in clear blue skies and come home drenched by a sudden downpour. With the season changing, transitional dressing is key. With the right clothing choices, you will be ready for both the chill of the wind and bursts of sunshine. Here are some of our favourite picks!

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  2. Spring Cleaning: Declutter your Home

    Spring Cleaning: Declutter your Home

    Spring is finally here. We have lighter days, warmer weather and blossom beginning to bloom. While animals emerge from hibernation, you may have been feeling the itch to sort through and clean your home.

    Through winter, we tend to accumulate clutter for many reasons. You may have received Christmas presents that you didn’t know what to do with, bought lots of new things because you’re stuck at home, or maybe you just felt an impulse to nest – a feeling that has all but disappeared since spring arrived.

    Spring is the perfect time to declutter your home – front to back and top to bottom. This season represents the turn of the year, a time for renewal, so why not renew and refresh your home with this handy guide!

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  3. How to Stay Safe Online - Safer Internet Day 2021

    How to Stay Safe Online - Safer Internet Day 2021

    How do you know you are safe online? The internet has seen massive changes in the past 25 years. There have been many benefits like better communication with distant loved ones and access to masses of information. Yet there have been many disadvantages too. With things changing so quickly online, safety and privacy have become a high priority for users everywhere.

    For Safer Internet Day 2021, we want to take you through some important steps for staying safe online. Whether you are buying online, interacting with your bank or using social media, use this guide to ensure you are staying safe online.

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  4. LGBT+ History Month 2021

    LGBT History Month Blog

    What is LGBT+ History Month?

    LGBT+ History Month is a month-long celebration of the LGBT+ community. It first started in America in 1994 and the UK followed suit 11 years after in 2005. This is an annual event which occurs throughout February in the UK, coinciding with the anniversary of the abolition of Section 28 – a Local Government Act which prohibited the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities.

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  5. Easy Exercises for Seniors to Do at Home

    Easy Exercises for Seniors to Do at Home Blog.

    There are many reasons we may want to do exercises at home during this time of year. It can be difficult enough as it is to find the motivation to go out for a walk or run, which is made even worse by the low, winter temperatures.

    Gyms are out of reach too, whether they’re closed due to lockdown or you’re avoiding possible contamination, it’s harder than ever to exercise. But don’t let that stop you! You can still strengthen your muscles and improve your balance, without expensive gym equipment. We’ve collected some of the best low-impact exercises that you can do at home.

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  6. World Braille Day

    World Braille Day Blog.

    Today is World Braille Day, a great awareness day which brings attention to the importance of braille. Braille gives blind and visually impaired people the freedom to access information, enjoy literature and even play board games with friends. World Braille Day coincides with the birthday of its creator Louis Braille. Read on to find out more.

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  7. Buying Guide to Incontinence Products UK - What Is the Best Incontinence Product for You?

    Your Guide To Incontinence Products.

    Incontinence is a common affliction which is estimated to impact between 3 to 5 million people in the UK. However, despite it being such a prevalent issue, it is not often discussed and there can still be some stigma attached to it. This means many people living with this problem may have had their confidence knocked, but there should be no shame in living with this issue.

    We hope this article will assist you in making an informed decision about which product is best suited to your needs. With the right product, you can find confidence and feel dry and comfortable in your daily routine.

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  8. International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020

    International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020 Blog.

    We are all aware that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone across the globe due to the pandemic situation. People living with disabilities have had their lives impacted massively, with increased isolation, reduced services, and disrupted routines.

    It is estimated that over 1 billion people (around 15% of the world’s population) live with some form of disability. As a result of the global situation, it is more important than ever that people with visible and hidden disabilities are fully supported and that their wellbeing can improve.

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  9. World Kindness Day

    How To Celebrate World Kindness Day Blog.

    After such a turbulent year in 2020, what could be better than sharing a bit of positivity with both loved ones and strangers!

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to brighten someone’s day. Here are five things you can do for World Kindness Day and see what a difference you can make.

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  10. Top 7 Lifestyle Aids for Independent Living

    Top 7 Lifestyle Aids for Independent Living Blog.

    If you struggle with mobility issues or limited capabilities, everyday tasks can be difficult. Lifestyle aids are specially designed to make these daily tasks a little easier and without the assistance of others.

    We have compiled a list of just some of the lifestyle aids that could help you. Don’t struggle at home anymore and have a look at our list of items that could improve your daily life.


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