Essentials You Need for Autumn

Autumn is on the way! With the weather getting colder, the days shorter, and leaves beginning to fall - here are some essentials we think you need this season!

Leaf Grabbers

SKU: 15822

Nothing says it’s autumn like falling orange and red leaves. While they look pretty, fallen leaves can be a nuisance for your home. They can become an eyesore when they’re left to decay and block your drains when the wind blows. Make sure you keep your garden and drainage clear with these handy Leaf Grabbers! Their shape is designed to help you gather leaves, twigs, and other debris so you can dispose of them effectively.


Drainpipe Guards

SKU: 27428

Give your drainpipes some extra protection this year with our Drainpipe Guards. Made from durable polypropylene, these guards fit inside the top of your pipes and have an orb at the top to protect against unwanted blockages. This can help prevent blockages and damages – and reduce those costly plumbing repairs!


Poppy Bird Feeder

SKU: 22742

As our feathered friends prepare for the coming winter, give them a helping hand with a nice bird feeder. With the cold on the way, it’s essential that they have access to fatty foods to give them energy throughout the season. This Poppy Bird Feeder blends perfectly into beds and borders. Position them around your garden to fill it with life!


Weed Control Fabric

SKU: 27420

If you have some last-minute gardening to do, make sure it’s as efficient as possible! You can reduce your garden maintenance during and after winter with Weed Control Fabric. Made from a strong, durable permeable fabric, it effectively prevents weeds without using chemicals. Simply place it on top of your soil then cover it with gravel or bark.


Solar Allium Bloom

SKU: 27423

With the days getting shorter, it’s the perfect time of year to make the most out of your garden lighting. Solar lights are perfect for creating a nice atmosphere and letting you enjoy your garden, even in the dark. This Solar Allium Bloom is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space and will fit perfectly, day and night.

We have a great range of solar garden lighting so you can find the perfect match for your garden!