Top 5 Spring Cleaning Essentials

Through winter, it’s easy to ignore the build-up of clutter (especially after Christmas) and delay giving your house that essential tidy. However, the sun is shining again, and spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to give your home a good spring clean!

If you dread this annual clean, we’ve got you covered. There are so many items out there that are designed to make your spring clean just that bit easier. We’ve put together this list of our favourite spring-cleaning products to help you breeze through your seasonal sort out.

1. Microfibre Spray Mop

Perfect for wood, laminate and tiled floors, this Microfibre Spray Mop will make cleaning your kitchen and bathroom so much easier. The innovative mop comes fitted with a built-in sprayer to merge 2 tasks into 1! Forget filling buckets with water and cleansers, simply fill up your map and get started. With professional quality microfibre cloth, you’ll be clearing dirt in no time!


2. Monkey Mitt

It’s not just your home that needs a good clean, your car does too. This Microfibre Monkey Mitt is the perfect tool for the job. Made with soft, breathable mesh, simply put it on your hand and start wiping away! It can help remove stains, dust, hair and crumbs, leaving your car polished and gleaming! You can even use it on surfaces around your home. For best results, use the Monkey Mitt when it’s dry.


3. Window Sparkle Cloths

Keep your windows sparkling and shining with these Window Sparkle Cloths! A customer favourite, you can use these cloths on nearly any hard surface. With the sun shining brightly again, why not get your windows clear and allow all the glorious sunshine to fill your home. You can use it on mirrors too for an even brighter reflection.


4. 71pc Cleaning Set

For all of your spring-cleaning essentials, you can’t go wrong with this 71pc Cleaning Set. It’s filled with multi-purpose cleaning cloths, sponges with scourer pads, metal scourers, kitchen wipes and a wooden scrubbing brush. This isn’t just perfect for your season tidy up, it’s great to have all year round. With so many items included, you can save yourself a number of shopping trips!


5. Vanilla Spice Diffuser

After a good spring clean, your home is sure to smell fresh and as good as new. All that grime and dirt has been cleared away and now you’re left with a beautiful home to enjoy for the rest of the year. Add the perfect finishing touch with this reed diffuser! Filled with the classic scent of vanilla spice, you’ll be adding that little bit of luxury to make your home even nicer to live in.