Tips For Staying Cool In Hot Weather

The Met Office has declared Red and Amber Warnings for hot weather across the UK next week, with temperatures set to soar into the high 30s. While some people may be taking this opportunity to bask in the sunshine, many of us will be worrying about how to keep cool the heat rises. If you have to stay indoors for whatever reason, here are some tips on how to stay cool in hot weather.

1. Keep your curtains closed

When the sun comes out and your home starts getting hot, your first instinct may be to open all your windows and curtains. While there is good sense to this, the best thing your can do is open your windows but keep your curtains and blinds closed – or half closed. That way you can keep fresh air circulating into your house while keeping some of the most intense heat at bay!

This is why a lot of cities in hot countries have shutters on their windows. They can keep fresh air circulating while also pointing the slats in a way that deflects direct sunlight. Try and copy this with your blinds if it’s possible to do so. If you have a curtain rail, try getting some thin light-coloured curtains. Light colours help reflect light away from your room whereas dark colours absorb heat which can make your room feel even hotter.

Make sure you open your windows at the front and back of your house so that the air can circle through properly. However, be careful on the ground floor as this could make your home less secure.

2. Dress for the climate

Another important thing you can control when the temperature rises is your clothing. Try to avoid tight and form fitting clothes and opt for loose flowing material instead. Whether you choose a kaftan, relaxed dress or a loose t-shirt or blouse – make sure there is plenty of room between you and your clothing so it can move with the breeze.

When tight clothes cling to us, it can make you feel stuffy and sticky in an already uncomfortable climate. Allow your skin to breathe and put your hair up so you don’t have too many things touching your skin. Alternatively, try wearing sports clothing like sport t-shirts and socks. These clothes are created specially with moisture wicking materials that will soak up sweat and keep your body cool.

3. Purchase a fan

To help keep air circulating in your room, make sure you buy a fan. You can get large standing fans or tabletop fans. Make sure you set it so that it moves and blows the air throughout the room instead of just in one place. A good trick with fans is to place a tray of ice in front of it. As the ice melts, the cool air will rise and be pushed into your room with the fan. This can be a handy hack if you don’t want to purchase an air conditioner.

4. Get a miniature air conditioner

If a fan just isn’t cutting it, it can be worth purchasing a small air conditioner. It’s said that summers will continue to get hotter and hotter so getting an item like this could well be worth it in the long run. Depending on the size of the item that you want, small air conditioners can be reasonably priced. For something smaller and handy, look for a portable or personal air cooler.

5. Go to the shops

Is your home just getting to be too much to bear? Then don’t stay there if you don’t have to! Instead of sitting at home in the sweltering heat, why not go out with friends or family. Travel to a place where the weather is forecast to be lower or simply head to the shops! Most supermarkets and coffee shops are fitted with powerful air conditioning so these are the best places to be if you can’t cope with the heat. Usually it’s the hottest time of the day around 12-1pm so get yourself to an airconditioned café with some friends or a good book!

Stay safe

While the weather is hot, it’s essential you take good care of yourself. If you’re struggling, make sure to contact someone close to you and ask for help. Red and amber warnings suggest there are serious risks to health. Make sure you have plenty of precautions in place and remember it’s essential you stay hydrated. Keep cold water and ice in good supply.