Your Spring Garden Checklist

Spring is on the way and the weather is finally mild enough for us to get out in the garden again. If you’re stuck with where to start, we’ve created this handy checklist for you! It’s time to organise, tidy, plant and prune again – we can’t wait!

   Plan your garden. Not sure how you want your garden to look this year? Now is the perfect time to visualise and prepare the garden of your dreams!

☐   Organise your tools. If you love gardening, you’re sure to have a lot of tools at your disposal. Make sure they’re clean, sharp, and organised – ready for the year ahead!

☐   Prune climbers like Clematis and Wisteria. When they’re pruned correctly, these stunning climbing plants create beautiful and fragrant flowers that you don’t want to miss.

☐   Prune plants and shrubs such as Hydrangeas, Buddleias and Bush Roses. Be careful not to prune spring flowers shrubs as you may unwittingly remove potential flowers.

☐   Renovate overgrown bushes and hedges. Over winter, bushes and hedges can become overgrown and wild. February is a good time to renovate and rejuvenate them for a manicured and luscious appearance for spring and summer.

☐   Sow seeds indoors. It is difficult to successfully germinate seeds in February without warmth. If you’re looking to start sowing for spring, use a seed tray and keep them inside until the weather improves.

☐   Plant bulbs for late spring and summer. Be sure to check the packet for hardiness as not all bulbs can withstand the leftover frost.

   Net fruit and vegetables. As birds start emerging again, they’re sure to be very hungry. Protect your crop with netting or a suitable cover.

   Refill your bird table or bird feeder. Continuing from the previous point, make sure you’ve restocked your bird food. Our little feathered friends will need to find their energy again after a long and chilly winter.