Our Top 5 Pet Essentials Picks!

There is no connection quite like the ones we have with our pets. Whether you love dogs or cats, our furry friends will always have a special place in our hearts. We’ve put together a list of our favourite pet essentials that will keep your dog’s tail wagging and your cat purring!

1. Pet Cool Mat

With the British summer finally arriving along with a week-long heatwave, it’s important to help keep your pets cool. When the sunshine arrives, it can be uncomfortably hot – but imagine how it must feel when you’re covered with fur!

This Pet Cool Mat uses a special formula gel that helps keep the mat cool all day long. It’s light, durable and easy to clean too! It provides the perfect place for your cats and dogs to lay down when the rising temperatures become too much.

(We even have a cooling mat for humans too!)

2. Let’s Go Fishing Cat Toy

Whether your cat loves to stay in or explore outdoors, it’s great to keep your cat entertained while they’re home. This fishing cat toy encourages your cat to think and play as they search for their favourite treat.

Designed to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instinct, simply scatter a few of their favourite treats among the fishtails and watch them paw away in search of their tasty treats.

3. Stomper Dog Ball Launcher

Sometimes we’re no match for the bundles of energy that fuel our dog! If you find that your arms get tired while playing fetch with your dog, then this could be the perfect solution for you. With this Stomper Dog Ball Launcher, you can propel the ball for up to 20m with every stomp!

This pet product is perfect for when you need a rest, but your puppy pal wants to keep on going. You can also use this while sitting down too. Perfect for those with limited mobility.

4. Self-Heating Pet Pad

The British weather can be unpredictable. It can go from heatwave to rain within a few hours. So, while we have already mentioned the cooling pet pad, we also have a Self-Heating Pet Pad for when the temperature drops in winter.

If you need to go out and don’t want to put the central heating on, the self-heating pet pad can keep your pet warm throughout the day. It reflects your pet’s body heat back to help keep them cosy and snug. It also features a non-slip backing so you can safely place it on carpet, wood or laminate flooring.

5. Dog Treats

What better way to reward our faithful companions than with their favourite tasty treat! We stock a great selection of dog and cat treats, so you have plenty to share with your pet pals. These Assorted Dog Treats combine the best snacks, from biscuits to dental bites and a bone for them to sink their teeth into.

If that’s just not enough, we also have a Dog Treat Bumper Pack with an even greater selection! We’re sure your furry faithful friends will love every single item.