Set Of 2 Row Counters

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  • Slips easily onto your knitting needles so it’s always close at hand
  • With every row you finish simply turn the dial
  • Pack of two barrel style row counters for knitting
  • Great for complicated patterns or just keeping track of the length
  • Colours may vary

Keep track of your knitting project with this pair of row counters. As you go along you can keep a constant count of your rows. They’re great for complicated patterns or for when you’re just wanting to get the perfect length. In this set you’ll get two counters in two different sizes which slip over your knitting needles. This keeps them close at hand as you work. For every row you finish simply turn the dial. The counter numbers turn individually making it easy to count backwards or forwards. When you keep the counter on your knitting needle it means you’re less likely to forget to count your row.

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