The People's Friend 2016 Annual

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  • Fiction Stories
  • Real-life landscape drawings
  • Easy and comedic read

Packed with over 25 feel-good short stories, The People’s Friend Annual’ has been a favourite with generations of readers for over 100 years. The People’s Friend Annual 2016 has been delighting readers at home and abroad since 1869 with it’s entertaining stories and is affectionately known as The Friend. The People’s Friend is full of short stories by fiction writers carefully selected by the magazine’s editors. It also features wildlife photography, interesting articles and fascinating facts; plus, much-loved watercolour scenes from all over the UK by the ever-popular J. Campbell Kerr. The perfect reason to put your feet up! Enjoy its unique charm whilst relaxing with a nice cup of tea! This lovely book is a must have that will make you want to dip into again and again for moments of quiet comfort and relaxing entertainment.

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