Myth Hunters Ancient Mysteries DVD

Da Vinci Code Meets Reality

These are true stories of quests after legendary objects – hordes of gold, possessions of unlimited power, secrets of eternal life. For most of us these are the stuff of fantasy and movies – Indiana Jones, Aguirre Wrath of God – but these are the real stories of the real adventurers who thought these myths were true.

In Myth Hunters, World Media Rights tells these true life action adventures interweaving myth and reality. The films feature dramatic reconstructions, testimony from those who were there and expert witnesses. There is specially-shot location material and, where relevant, archive of the actual events.

The executive producer is two-time Emmy and Bafta award winner Matthew Barrett.


Running time approx. 200 mins


Films Featured:

THE QUEST FOR NOAH’S ARK – The story of the three Christians and their dangerous expeditions as they looked for Noah’s Ark.

THE REAL KING SOLOMON’S MINES – The story of how ancient Greeks, Renaissance adventurers, Victorian Explorers and modern day scientists have searched for the source of King Solomon’s gold.

RAIDER RON AND THE LOST ARK – Ron Wyatt’s hunt for the legendary Ark of the Covenant and how he and his sons excavated a site for four years looking for the golden container for the Ten Commandments

THE QUEST FOR THE TRUE CROSS – The quest to establish the authenticity of the Titulus Crucis, a small piece of wood that it’s claimed, hung on the cross of Christ announcing his name and crime.

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