Knitting Stitch Holder 3 Pack

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  • Large safety pin shape stitch holders for all your knitting needs
  • You receive three sizes perfect for various sized projects
  • Holds your live stitches safe and secure so you can pick them up again later
  • Perfect for air travel, knitting separate pieces or storing a project
  • Colours may vary

Love to knit but sometimes you need to put projects down to start new ones? Perhaps you’re working on a project that requires individual pieces to be made to be joined together later. Or maybe you’re traveling by plane and you’re nervous that security will take your needles off you? Don’t lose your place! Simply replace your stitches on this easy to use stitch holder. You’ll receive three different sizes of stitch holders. The large safety pin shape makes it simple to slip the tip through your live stitches taking care not to skip or drop a stich and then you’re safe to remove your needles. Now you can come back to your project whenever you’re ready and pick up where you left off. Colours may vary

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