Coarse Fishing DVD & Book Set

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  • Coarse fishing book and DVD set
  • Matt Hayes is The UK’s most famous coarse angler – Watch as he races the clock
  • Learn how to master key skills with the book and enjoy watching Matt’s adventures
  • The action adventure DVD is 50 minutes and the advice packed book is 128 pages

In this adventure packed Coarse Fishing DVD and book set, it’s a race for time as Matt Hayes, Britain's leading fisherman, races around the country to try complete ultra-tough fishing challenges. Once the challenge has been set at the start of each programme, Matt races around the country to catch his prize fish. Matt's tactics and skills are put to the test as he tries to combat everything thrown at him. Watch as he battles extreme weather, testing locations and lost fish along the way, all to achieve his dream... and all in just 24 hours! Total running time – 50 Minutes.

Little Book of Coarse Fishing with Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes is probably The UK’s most famous coarse angler. He first picked up a fishing rod more than 40 years ago and has gone on to catch huge fish of all species, both in this country and abroad. In this book, you’ll find all those years of knowledge and expertise condensed into a tip-packed 128 pages. There are chapters on tackle, bait and species, as well as information on how to master key skills and where you can expect to find your quarry. Best of all, it’s written in ‘angler’s speak’ - and that means it’s easy to read and free of long-winded jargon!

This DVD and book set is perfect for the fishing fan in your life or as a special treat for yourself.

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