How to Cope with Loss at Christmas

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be extremely hard, especially as it gets to holidays. These are often times that would be spent surrounded by your closest friends and family, and if they are no longer with us, it can be deeply upsetting to think about having to handle the holidays without them. This blog will give you a helping hand through this process, and hopefully, give you a few ways to handle Christmas whilst grieving.

Talk to friends and family


As daunting as it can be to talk to someone, the people around you will be happy to listen to you and understand how they can help. Just because they don’t bring it up, doesn’t mean they don’t care – they probably don’t know what to say and are afraid they may upset you. Giving them an insight into how they can help is only a positive thing.


Remembering your loved one


Take some time out of your day to remember those you have lost. Light a candle, look at photos, and tell other people some happy memories you shared. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear but try and focus on the time you had with them and be grateful for the memories you shared.


Be Selfish


Plan at least one thing on the day just for you. Watch your favourite tv show or film, listen to your favourite music or eat your favourite food. You want something to look forward to on that day, as hard as it may be.


Allow yourself to be sad


Trying to get through Christmas without getting upset is unfair on yourself – if you feel like you want to cry, then cry. You should be proud of yourself for getting through the day. Surround yourself with people and talk about how you’re feeling. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, the Samaritans are always available for a chat on 08457 90 90 90. Just know, you are handling this as well as you can.


Try to have fun


As hard as it may seem, sometimes laughter is the only thing that can get you through your darkest times. Think about how your loved one would have wanted you to enjoy the day.


Celebrate your strength


When you get to the end of the day, make sure to congratulate yourself. You took control and, not only survived, but enjoyed the day too. There will be many more Christmases and holidays to face, but now you know you can do it.