Top Picks for Winter

We've put together a list of our favourites for this winter! Why not take a look?

26098 – Electric Underblanket Single

There’s no doubt this winter is going to be a cold one. That’s why our number one pick is this electric underblanket. With 3 heat settings and auto overheat protection, you can enjoy a cosy, good night’s sleep!


25430 – Microwave Mugs with Lids

Nothing quite beats a nice hot soup on a chilly winter evening. These microwave mugs are perfect for cooking soup and come with a handy lid to prevent splatter and spills. You can even use them for a delicious cup of hot chocolate too!


19263 – Rotary Line Cover

With winter comes a lot of adverse weather. It’s important to take care of your outdoor items – including your washing line! This rotary line cover is waterproof, rotproof and durable. With an easy-close drawstring to secure it in place, it’s all you need to help your washing line make it through winter.


26596 – Utensil Holder Rest

Love cooking but hate mess? This handy utensil holder is perfect for the home cook. Made from an easy to clean TPR material, use this holder to prevent spills from your cooking utensils. It’s heat safe and slip resistant so you can enjoy cooking without the mess.


26961 – Bulldog Draught Excluder

Stop those draughts and keep the warmth in with this adorable draught excluder. Bernie the Bulldog is waiting to get to work stopping that cold breeze from intruding into your room. Don’t worry, he doesn’t bark!


C2498 – Pink Peony Travel Mug

Whether you’re sipping away at hot chocolate or a chai tea latte, do it in style. This gorgeous pink peony travel mug is the fashionable way to drink on the go. Made with ceramic, it’s the sustainable alternative to throwaway cups.