A person holding a bar.

As we age, understandably, our mobility reduces. Things that were once easy become a little bit more difficult, and it becomes increasingly harder to navigate objectives that were second nature. However, as you change, it is helpful to adapt your surroundings. Mobility aids, like wheelchairs and walking sticks, make moving around a lot easier which can be helpful if you still want to remain active. Stability aids provide you with the support you need to steady yourself – things like bed railings and step stools.

In your bedroom, you may be finding it harder to move around, get out of bed, or find a comfortable position whilst in bed. To help you navigate this shift, it is useful to remember that there are facilities available that can assist you, if you would like to try and maintain your independence.



It is helpful to be wary of the potential risks or hazards that are in your space. The single most prominent bedroom hazard for the elderly is the risk of falls, and these can be prevented with the right precautions put in place. It is good practice to ensure that your room is not cluttered with unnecessary furniture and does not have any trip hazards (like wires and cables) running across the floor. By ensuring these remain out of the way, it is less likely that you will be at risk of a fall or accident.


Possible Bedroom Aids


Bed Railings

Bed railings are a good addition for people who find it difficult to pull themselves onto their bed, or who may find it hard to sit up on the bed from a supine position. A simple handle, with cushioning to prevent inadvertent injuries to hands and legs, will also prevent you from falling out of your bed should this be an issue. Bed railings are relatively cheap and easy to install and are a good resolution for these kinds of problems.


Grab Bars

Grab bars are rods or handles installed on walls to enable a person to gain support and maintain their balance, should they need to. Often commonplace in bathrooms, they are also helpful if you find it difficult to move around different rooms in your house without assistance. It is good to install grab bars outside of the door of your bathroom, or entrance to your bedroom – places that you may frequently come in and out of.


Over-bed Tables

Over-bed tables are the perfect solution if you spend a lot of the time in your bed eating and drinking or watching television, etc. These help you to maintain good posture whilst in bed and are also very handy at holding things you may want to have easy access to.



Sometimes, especially if you are frequently up and down in the night, it can be hard to see where you need to go until you can turn on the light – this can lead to accidents, like trips or falls. Investing in a few plug-in night lights, which you can dot around your bedroom, will help you to see any hazards should you have to get up in the dark. You can also get battery operated ones, if you do not have any plug sockets close to the floor.


Bed Support

Having the correct pillows and support in your bed can really make a difference, not only to your posture, but also to your overall comfort. Special back pillows, which mimic the shape of a chair, are a good way of propping yourself up in bed but maintaining your comfort at the same time. You can also get special v-shaped pillows, which can alleviate hip and joint pain.