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We all know that a spring clean is a yearly must, getting your home spic and span for the coming summer months. However, an autumn clean is just as, if not more, important. Bacteria, dirt, and harmful allergens are given the perfect environment to thrive, as the temperature drops outside, and the heating gets turned on. Make sure you don’t give them the opportunity and give your home a good clean with our 5 essentials – your house will be sparkling in no time!

Quick Thaw

Fridges and freezers can quickly become overrun with unwanted food, and having a clear out in autumn is a good idea – how else are you going to fit in all of those amazing Christmas goodies? Using this Quick Thaw will help you to defrost your freezer in no time, so you can get stuck in and get it sparkling sharpish!


Window Sparkle Cloths

Rain water is good for windows, as it is almost pure and shouldn’t leave spots on your windows. However, to prepare for the rainy season, make sure to give your windows a polish. These Window Sparkle Cloths are brilliant at keeping your windows spotless and will set you in good stead to keep them clean over the colder months!



A good way to keep things clean is to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place. Shoes are one of the main culprits for bringing dirt and bacteria into the home, and even if you have a no shoe policy in the house, your entranceway will still harbour millions of germs. A doormat is a brilliant way to make sure no muddy footprints or unwanted guests are brought into the house – plus, it will keep your shoes cleaner, too!


Extendable Duster

Autumn is also known as spider season, and cobwebs become a common occurrence in many homes across the country. Make sure you eradicate them from even the hard-to-reach corners of your home with this 3 Piece Duster Set. They use static electricity to whisk dust away, whilst catching any cobwebs at the same time. If you find any spiders, make sure to pop them back outside where they belong, in a sheltered spot with lots of places to hide.


Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing machines are one of the most utilised pieces of household equipment, usually being used daily. Your clothes may look and smell clean but think about how many loads of washing your washing machine has seen this year. If it smells a bit damp, then it’s a good idea to give it a deep clean. This Washing Machine Cleaner will help to make that an easy task, and at the bargain price of £2.99, it seems too good to be true!