A cat wearing a party hat for International Cat Day 2021

Love them or hate them, cats are a huge part of our lives, with an estimated 24% of UK adults having a pet cat. International Cat Day 2021 falls on the 8th August, and we know just how to make your furry friend feel special! Our list of ways to treat your feline companion will have them feeling the love all year round – just like they deserve!


Sometimes, cats can be disinterested in anything you give them to play with, opting for a cardboard box or a sock instead. However, there are some toys that no cat can resist. Our selection of cat toys, like this fishing toy and catch a mouse toy, will keep your cats occupied for hours on end. No more knocking things over or causing havoc – they’ll be too tired to even consider it!


Cat bed

Once your cat is tired out from all that playing, they’ll need somewhere to relax. A new cat bed may seem counterproductive when cats can pretty much sleep anywhere, but cats spend two thirds of their lives asleep, so it makes sense to buy them a nice place to nap. Make sure to research the best kind of bed for your cat – ones with rooves that they can hide in often go down a treat.



Speaking of treats, cats love food. On International Cat Day 2021, what better way is there to celebrate your furry friend than with some lovely homemade cat treats? These ones only have four ingredients and are super easy to make. If you don’t have time to make your own, then why not try these from our pet section? Your cat will love them, and you, just as much!


Heated mat

Cats are suckers for something warm. Whether it’s the top of a tumble dryer or your pile of freshly ironed clothes, they will sit on it. This self-heating pet pad reacts to the body heat of your pet and keeps them warm for hours on end. No more furry washing!